“Ask for Peace?” Lifta Village

Wall Art inside a Lifta-village home - Jerusalem - 20 Jan. 2011 - Photo: Sherry Ann

This wall art appears in one of the empty homes in the Palestinian village of Lifta in West Jerusalem; the Hebrew place name is En Neftoah. In late 1947 into early 1948 as Israeli troops took control of Jerusalem, the Stern Gang killed members of Lifta. The remaining Lifta community fled. As a result, the village has come to be described as “abandoned” and “deserted”. However, some of these Nakba refugees still live along with their descendants in East Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Amman, Jordan. While calls have been made that the village, set within a lush wadi (valley) with a natural spring, be identified as a World Heritage Site, the Israeli government has granted permission for the area to be re-developed. See this recent article from 21 Jan. 2011 in Haaretz.

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